We believe craft beer is all about the relentless pursuit of perfection – and it’s this pursuit that drives us to make Uncommonly Good Beer.

Highly drinkable and exceptionally moreish, our beers are inspired by the character of our thriving agricultural home, the raw flavour of the East Midlands, and our international brewing experience.

We seek to brew the best example of every beer style we approach. Our high standards are paying off – the awards and accolades keep coming, year on year.

Our Home

Melton is recognised as the UK’s rural capital of food, renowned for locally-made Stilton cheese and pork pies. The market is the epicentre of a thriving agricultural economy, dating back 1000 years to the Domesday Book. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year – people who come to experience the very best of the region’s gastronomy, most notably during the many food and drink festivals, including our very own, now legendary, Rare Foods Festival, held in September every year.

As well as our brewery and taproom, the market is home to a growing number of exciting artisanal food and drink businesses – who are all doing their bit to contribute to this wonderful community that we’re lucky to be a part of. Many of these businesses produce ingredients that either make their way into our beers, or inspire us to think outside of the box.


Our Award Winning Beer

We love our own beer. So it’s great to hear that other people love it just as much and think its worth awarding.

A short couple of years on our Round Corner journey and we’ve been awarded numerous gold, silvers and bronze medals from some of the most prestigious awards going – The European Beer Challenge, International Brewing Awards and The World Beer Awards.

GOLD – European Beer Challenge 2021
GOLD – European Beer Challenge 2020
GOLD – European Beer Challenge 2019
GOLD – World Beer Awards 2020

GOLD – World Beer Awards 2020
GOLD – International Brewing Awards 2019
SILVER – European Beer Challenge 2021

GOLD – World Beer Awards 2020
GOLD – European Beer Challenge 2021

SILVER – European Beer Challenge 2021

GOLD – European Beer Challenge 2021

GOLD – European Beer Challenge 2021

SILVER – European Beer Challenge 2021

SILVER – International Brewing Awards 2019

BRONZE – European Beer Challenge 2021

BRONZE – European Beer Challenge 2021

Work with us

We are a small, much awarded and fast growing brewery. We are constantly looking out for amazing people to help us on our vision to deliver uncommonly good beer to more and more people across the world and to bring those people back in the opposite direction to see us at our iconic home at the centre of Melton Mowbray’s 1000 year old livestock market.

If you are a brewer, or want-to-be brewer, an operational guru, a sales or marketing pro or someone simply looking for an opportunity to work in the brewery, taproom or events, then email Combie for a chat: combie.cryan@roundcornerbrewing.com

Specific Roles we are looking for

- Taproom and Webshop Staff: 
20-40 hours per week. Contact Combie

- Marketing Executive
(More info here)

- Brewer
(More info here)