Social Club Nitro Stout - 4.3%

Taking 120 seconds to settle, Social Club is a smooth and creamy dry Irish stout, which pours black with a tight white head.  It is a smooth, unpretentious and moreish sessionable beer, designed for socialising.

Its eleven different malts are blended harmoniously, imparting subtle aromas of dried fruits, dates and chocolate. With a velvet like mouthfeel, new world and noble hops add a sublime bitter finish.

Social Club is "a group of people or the place where they meet, generally formed around a common interest or activity”, for us that interest is beer but more specifically their world class Nitro Stout.

Social club is a smooth, flavoursome and sessionable beer which is as eminently drinkable in summer as it is in winter. It’s unpretentious and we want people to come together over a pint of Social Club. Our hope is that people can easily order and enjoy these pints in an inclusive and social atmosphere, which encompass this ideal into the name as much as in the beer itself.

Bars, Pubs and drinkers have shared feedback which has blown us away. Our pursuit for perfection with this Nitro Stout is being shared far and wide. 

Each week we welcome new accounts joining our Social Club (#JoinTheClub & #PartOfTheClub) of venues permanently pouring this beer and we know that this love will continue to grow.


How Can I Stock Social Club Nitro Stout?

If you're interested in pouring Social Club Nitro Stout then get in touch with our sales team!

We stock in 30L Steel Kegstar Kegs for those with 70/30 gas and 30L KeyKegs for those with 60/40 or CO2.


We deliver directly in the East Midlands and by a range of wholesalers and Eebria nationally.  Contact us for details.