Award-Winning Brewery Announce Their Plans For The Year

Round Corner Brewing have today released their 2024 Beer Calendar, showcasing their beer plans for the year ahead in keg, can and cask.

The award-winning Melton Mowbray brewery are planning to produce four Core Range beers in keg, which are available all year round. Their Core Range beers feature Frisby Lager, Drovers Hazy Session IPA, Social Club Nitro Stout and Steeplechase Pale Ale. Social Club is a name change to its already popular Reverend Hooker Nitro Stout, with the brewery launching a campaign in the coming weeks to grow the awareness of this stout and get it in even more drinkers’ hands.

Alongside their Core Range they also have eight Market Edition beers planned in keg and can, which are available for a limited time. Four of these are exceedingly popular beers that are returning and four are brand new, showing the brewery’s commitment to continually innovating and trialing new things.

For the first time in 2024, Round Corner Brewing have also released a full year’s Cask Calendar. This is driven by the brewery’s success and positive feedback to its cask beer in 2023 and the exciting modern cask beer market. The brewery feels that cask beer is premiumising and cask beer drinkers are looking for higher quality options to enjoy. Across the last six months the brewery has invested in their cask beer capability to enable them to offer more cask beer brands to excite craft beer drinkers with modern cask beer. 

For 2024 Round Corner Brewing will be producing a permanent cask beer, Market Pale, based on unprecedented popularity last year. They will then also produce one cask beer a month throughout 2024.

The brewery has set out in 2024 to provide customers a great range of beer, but also a key focus on their Core Range, which they look to grow nationwide and where they wish to see more of their beers in venues outside of their East Midlands home. 

With the launch of the Round Corner Brewing 2024 Beer Calendar, it allows trade customers to plan their beer line up for the year ahead, while also securing via pre-order any beer which might be small batch and at a premium.

Round Corner Brewing’s Director and Co-Founder, Colin Paige said: “The beer market is constantly evolving, and so we must evolve with it. There is a lot we are excited about heading into 2024 and that we want to share with beer lovers. It’s taken us several months to put this calendar together, which we believe shows how committed we are to producing high quality craft beer which people want to drink.

“We are delighted with the range of amazing beers across these 29 different and unique liquids we will be brewing this year. We have worked hard on our cask beer capability during the last six months or so, and we think it shows in the range of cask beers we will be producing this year.”

Round Corner Brewing’s CEO and Co-Founder, Combie Cryan said: “Every year when we release our Beer Calendar it’s an exciting moment for the brewery as we’re sharing with the world what exciting brews we have planned for the year.

“In 2023 we had a large variety of beers available in keg and can, but for 2024 we’re focusing on areas of great growth from last year. These areas were our Core Range and cask beer, so with that in mind we’ve planned 2024 to focus heavily on growing those areas even further.

“This means we’re producing more cask and focusing in on what we do well and what consumers are drinking, and making sure we have enough of those great beers for folks who want them. We’re very excited about the year ahead for Round Corner Brewing and

While for drinkers, it enables the brewery to have open communication to build excitement for 2024, while also allowing them to plan what beers they’re eager to try.


Round Corner Brewing believes craft beer is all about the relentless pursuit of perfection and it’s this pursuit that drives the brewery to make Uncommonly Good Beer.

Founded in 2018 by Colin Paige and Combie Cryan, Round Corner Brewing have been awarded numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at some of the most prestigious awards in the world. These include The European Beer Challenge, International Brewing Awards and The World Beer Awards. Most notably Round Corner Brewing were awarded the World’s Best Ale & Gold medal at The 2021 International Brewing Awards for their Pale Ale, Steeplechase.