2024 Round Corner Brewing Beer Calendar

We're delighted to announce our 2024 RCB Beer Calendar.

Every year we set out our beer plans for the year ahead and share what beers we're releasing and when they'll be available. 

These decisions are taken through discussions with our trade customers, internally as a team and also with one eye on the craft beer world. All of these factors contribute to our final calendar you can see below.

This year you'll notice we have two calendars, one for keg and can, and another for cask. Which we hope shows our commitment to craft beer and our relentless pursuit of perfection.

Enjoy looking through the calendars and there is also the opportunity to pre-order any of the beers you'd like to stock in your venue.

Keg & Can Calendar 

For 2024 we are planning to produce four Core Range beers in keg, which are available all year round. These Core Range beers feature Frisby Lager, Drovers Hazy Session IPA, Social Club Nitro Stout and Steeplechase Pale Ale.

Social Club is a name change to our already popular Reverend Hooker Nitro Stout, which we'll be launching a campaign in the coming weeks to grow the awareness of this stout and get it in even more drinkers’ hands.

Alongside our Core Range we also have eight Market Edition beers planned in keg and can, which are available for a limited time. Four of these are exceedingly popular beers that are returning and four are brand new, showing our commitment to continually innovating and trialing new things.


Cask Calendar 

For the first time in 2024, we have also released a full year’s Cask Calendar. This is driven by the success and positive feedback to our cask beer in 2023 and the exciting modern cask beer market. We feel that cask beer is premiumising and cask beer drinkers are looking for higher quality options to enjoy. Across the last six months we have invested in our cask beer capability to enable us to offer more cask beer brands to excite craft beer drinkers with modern cask beer. 

For 2024 we will be producing a permanent cask beer, Market Pale, based on unprecedented popularity last year. We will then also produce one cask beer a month throughout 2024.



In 2024 our aim in is to provide customers a great range of beer, but also a key focus on our Core Range, which we look to grow nationwide and where we wish to see more of our beers in venues outside of our East Midlands home.