RCB Intro 9 Pack & RCB branded Goblet

An ideal gift.


Check out the full range of RCB beer, all in your own RCB Goblet. 

The ideal beer lovers gift to experience our wide selection all in one place.

1x Frisby – Lager, 4.2%
1x Underwater Song – Baltic Porter, 8.2%
1x Drovers – Hazy Vermont Session IPA, 4.3%
1x Mackinaw – American Brown Ale, 5.4%
1x Zomba - Hazy Lavender Witbier 5.2%.
1x Follow The Green Line – Kiwi Pale Ale, 5.3%
1x Portobello Pyro – Whiskey Barrel Aged Irish Strong Ale 8.2%
1x Reverend Hooker – Irish Stout, 5.5%
1x Jandals & Togs - Super Session Pale Ale 5.2%
1x Round Corner Goblet

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RCB Intro 9 Pack & RCB branded Goblet