Limited Edition RCB Winter Spectaculars Box

Uncommonly Festive Beers

9x limited edition beers for Christmas – including a new barrel-aged Irish Strong Ale, 2 Saisons and our famous Society 2021. Enough make any RCB fan's festive period go with a bang. All that, plus an RCB chalice and new seasonal bobble hat beanie.

1x Portobello Pyro, Irish Strong Ale 8.2%
1x Brewjolais 21, 5.3%
2x Society 2021, Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout 10%
1x Cuba Street, Pacific IPA 6.2%
1x Shimmering Pond, Hazy Vermont IPA 5.6%
1x Me & Yuzu, Imperial Yuzu Saison 7.2%
1x Hopping Spree, West Coast IPA 6.6%
1x Endless Travels, Vienna Lager 5.0%

1x RCB Chalice
1x RCB Bobble Hat Beanie

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Limited Edition RCB Winter Spectaculars Box